Anchor Text Optimization-The Best Method to Increase Backlinks in 2023

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Anchor Text Optimization- Ultimate Strategy for Backlinks 2023

Since SEO was first introduced as a legitimate practice, link developers have tried to figure out ways to optimize the anchor text on their backlinks.We’ll review all the relevant facts and offer some crucial and practical tips to improve anchor text.

Are anchor textual references necessary?

Anchor text is the text that is highlighted in a hyperlink . It can be clicked to take you to the target webpage. Consider anchor texts as editorial bridges that connect pages. They are far more than their literal definition of words that compose the anchor text and depend (a large amount) on the context (the paragraph or sentence they are within) to be classified as high-quality anchor texts. An anchor text of high-quality serves two primary roles:

  1. Naturally, two pages should be linked.
  2. Offer the reader an additional resource that can aid their reading experience

Anchor text types

There are a variety of anchor texts that we’ve listed below.

Anchor text that is brand-named

  • JMS Seo

Natural anchor texts

Instead of using keyword phrases for our anchor texts we make use of natural terms that describe what the user is likely to do once they click the anchor E.G.

  • Click here
  • This in-depth guide
  • Go to their website
  • Find out more details through this link

Anchor texts that are partial matches

This is when we mix keywords and additional words to keep it looking organic and descriptive e.g.

  • 9 simple link building techniques that anyone can apply ( using the page title as anchor)
  • effective link building strategies for building links
  • link building strategies you can implement
  • Link building strategy guideline from
  • the best method for linking building in 2022.

Anchor texts that precisely match

  • link building strategy
  • Link building strategies to build links
  • best link building strategy
  • Link building strategies

Keywords in contrast to. Anchor Text

It’s crucial to distinguish between these two.

Learning Keywords (search query)

Keywords are a different name for queries in search engines (that item you type in the box to search). I personally prefer the word search queries because it’s the content the user typed into Google that is important. The majority of the queries will contain keywords that can assist Google (and users) navigate through its search results and generate appropriate recommendations (in search results) which closely correspond to the purpose of the query. They can also be referred to as keywords. There’s no set of rules when entering queries into the search engine – the majority of users type the most basic query to receive a speedy result that matches what they’re searching for. There’s a chance that they won’t have to read constantly, i.e. :

  • It support Seattle
  • crypto exchange Australia
  • gym near me

Anchor texts aren’t keywords

In the beginning, we must understand what Google is a user-centric index. The most well-known search engine’s primary purpose is to give answers and not just pages (think of it for a moment and you’ll realize that there are two things that are different). If you’re developing your anchor-text strategy obviously, you must take into consideration those keywords you’d love achieve, but making use of only those keywords for anchor texts is an extremely unwise choice. The reason for this is simple: people don’t connect that in that Consider this: If you’re writing an article on exercising, and you’d like to recommend a fantastic all-inclusive gym, you’re not going to write “try this amazing gym near me  It wouldn’t make sense. It’s merely an inaccurate reference. The way to describe it is like this ” try Gold’s gym , they have branches all over the country If your keywords of choice as well as your anchor text strategies isn’t the same How exactly can you improve the effectiveness of anchor text? Let’s dive a little deeper…

Google’s Anchor Text Advice

We’ve actually gained some interesting information from Google over time with regards to anchor text all over the world. In actual fact, it’s useful to go through Google’s official guidelines on anchor text here. Over the decades, Google representatives have

There’s a primary reason why it’s not advisable to try to enhance anchor text too much when building links it’s due to an Google algorithm change that was implemented in 2012. Anchor Text Optimization- Ultimate Strategy for Backlinks 2023

This is it was the Google Penguin update that targeted those who were spamming anchor text links with keyword rich content in a way that was aggressively.

Google Penguin Update Google Penguin Update

  • Prior to the Google Penguin release in 2012 many people utilized exact match anchor text for their backlinks. This was extremely effective.
  • Following 2012’s Google penguin upgrade in 2012 Google came down hard on manipulating anchor texts and penalized a lot of sites.
  • Many websites have lost some of their ranking and also their revenue.
  • Websites with a lot of inbound links that had “Money Keywords” in anchor’s text got hit the most severely.
  • Pages and websites that have links from unrelated sites and websites were targeted with a heavy blow – which demonstrates the importance of relevancy.
  • Ten years later many SEO’s are unable to remember about the fact that Penguin upgrade is running, and many over-optimized anchor text still don’t work.
It’s fairly simple for Google to recognize the exact match link-building strategy, particularly when you’re creating links for pages that aren’t likely to receive numerous hyperlinks (such for example, service page). As a link-building agency often, we are repeated questions by clients who wish to have more keyword-rich anchor text in their backlinks. However, it’s a fool’s game to believe that you could push hard enough and think you can be able to get away with it. The only exception could be on highly reputable and reliable websites, which are more likely to be in a position to do more. We’ll look into this more later. For the majority of websites available, you’re going to be punished for a reason: building more than enough over-optimized hyperlinks to the wrong type of pages.

5 Tips to Master Anchor Text

We’ll now dive into five actionable guidelines to master the anchor-text strategy. It is essential to follow these guidelines for each campaign you’re working on as well as plan and track your backlinks’ targets using a spreadsheet to make sure that you’re adhering to a long-term strategy. Anchor Text Optimization- Ultimate Strategy for Jmsseo

As you can see, there’s a large array of anchor texts available however, there are a lot of partial-match anchor text that can give us an idea of how to alter anchor text for the same article. used anchor text, buy verified paypal account to rank this website 

How do you conduct an analysis of competitor anchors

  1. Save the anchor text information for the competitor page you’re looking at
  2. Classify the anchors using the type of anchor in an excel spreadsheet
  3. Repeat this process for all the competing pages , ranking them in positions 1-5.
  4. Keep track of all the information and finalize your action plans
Don’t include specific links When you’re working at an extreme degree the rule is that you shouldn’tcount the links on social bookmarking websites and other sources that have low quality no-follow as they’re likely influence the anchor text strategy of your site massively particularly if your competition are awash with random bookmarking sites. They are fairly frequent to be found in Ahrefs. Keep in mind that this kind of competitor analysis is will give you some options to consider. It’s not enough to rely on the %’s Ahrefs provides however, you’ll have to utilize your own analytical skills to determine the most appropriate method of anchoring text.

The drawbacks of modeling by competitors

There are many anchor text guides that do not account for one crucial aspect – the overall authority and credibility. ExampleWikipedia is an absolute powerhouse in the field of SEO. They’re close to on the front page of Google for almost every informational term you can think of. They also have a large number of anchor text that match exactly since people regularly connect to their website as a trustworthy source for information on the vast subject matter. If you attempted to replicate their bold anchor text strategy, based on the idea that they’re at the top, and thus have the ideal anchor text distribution you’re not going to succeed. In simple terms, if you’re a newer website with any real background, without years of building backlinks and with no solid base of traffic within your field and you’re not able to be able to use using a bold anchor text approach. This is particularly important for industries that are highly competitive, such as gambling loans, insurance, and gambling and loans. Google does not trust newcomers, and if you attempt to duplicate the anchor text strategy used by the top players in your field It won’t work.

Make it natural

If you’re reading an articleor article, the text should always seem natural, as if it’s meant to be there, and in fact helps make the article that you’re on more appealing for it to be there. It’s a easy stress test you can make this… If an SEO is unable to discern the link as having been placed with the purpose of building links and it is passed, then it passes. Even if the smell is slightly odd but it passes the test. You must be thinking with the eyes of a writer or editor not an incompetent SEO who believes that stuffing the keywords of his choice into an anchor text in the manner of a fool will result in better ranking. Check How to Identify, Delete, and Prevent Bad Backlinks

Variety is the key

There have been some extremely intriguing research studies recently conducted on internal linking even though we’re discussing extern links within this piece I feel that the results are extremely pertinent. If you take a look at websites that consistently rank at or near in the upper tier of Google there’s an array of choices with regard to the anchors that link to those pages. In general, it’s a great practice to alter your anchor text in the most effective way. As an general guideline, our recommendation is to never make identical anchor texts two times. This is because it’s the reality of World when someone connects to their website, it’s quite unlikely they’ll utilize the same link text that the person who is who links to your site. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use keywords that overlap, of course However, you must be creative and change the keywords you’re creating. This prevents the client’s anchor profile from appearing too optimized, and give distinct indications of an interference towards Google crawlers. The most important takeaways are:

  • Do not use the same anchor word more than one time If you are able to, however words that are variations of the same subject are acceptable.
  • Anchor text range is strongly associated with a higher volume of search traffic
  • Unadorned URL anchors aren’t likely to cause harm, and, actually, they are connected to higher traffic.
  • At the very least certain exact anchors match are associated with substantially higher traffic.
  • Use the page’s the title (meta title) to anchor your text. It’s very usual to do so

Pattern Recognition

Here’s a wise piece of guidance for gaining inspiration on anchor text variations.

  • Find the most well-known publication or blog in your field.
  • Take 30 minutes to sit down and then read the top read pieces in the magazine.
  • Make notes of how the writer’s website links to other pages . It does not matter if these are external or internal hyperlinks.
  • You’ll soon begin to recognize patterns and your knowledge of how professional editors and writers place hyperlinks will grow.

In an easy to understand way Read some of the best blogs from your field, and carefully study them to find out exactly how authors on these blogs link to other websites.

Relevance of Content

Google did appear to confirmed that surrounding text that surrounds the hyperlink that is being displayed is crucial and assists Google to recognize the external link. If you’re a link builder, this means that if you’re creating links You must ensure that your link is within an article or paragraph that is strongly connected to the page you’re linking to on your site. When your not using an exact Match or Partial match anchor words, ensure that the target keyword is within that anchor’s text. Example using the key word “Link Building Agency” “If you don’t have the resources to hire internally, then you should consider hiring a link building agency. We would recommend as they come highly rated within the industry. “

Think about Page Types

This is the final rule however it’s the most significant. The website you’re linking to will have a major influence on what anchor text will be.

  • Homepages or pages based on service will consist of mostly brand anchors
  • Pages that are informative tend contain a greater percentage of anchor text that is keyword rich.

Later, We’ll give you specific examples of what this is.

Actionable Anchor Text Ratios

If you’re interested in being absolutely safe, make sure you adhere to these ratios when linking to pages below. Home Page and Service Pages

  • 80 Branded
  • 10 percent Partial Match
  • 5% Random e.g. “this guide”
  • 5 % Naked URL

Inside Content

  • 30 percent Branded
  • 20 percent Title Tag Variations – This is often overlooked
  • 20 percent Partial Match
  • 10% include Brand + Keywords
  • 10% Random e.g. This document
  • 5 % Naked URL
  • 5 percent Exact Match

If anchors match exactly, they are in order, anchors

As we’ve mentioned before, it is important to be cautious when using anchor text that is exact match. However, there are some circumstances where anchors that match exactly are more prevalent.

Anchors with exact matches are not acceptable,

We’ve always pointed out – in 90% of cases you shouldn’t be building links that contain the exact match anchor text. In all likelihood, add longer-tail variants that include your keywords. Google believes this is a good thing. One of my favourite pastimes is looking through guest articles from link farms since a lot of them are linked to pages that have exact match anchors.

Example 1 Link to the page for debt consolidation

I went to a website which I believe to be an affiliate farm, and the first post I clicked on was the exact anchor text that linked to a companies that deal in debt consolidation.

I’m not going identify and blame the site in question since they’re likely outsourcing link-building to a company which doesn’t seem to consider the quality of the websites that they’re earning links from as well as the anchor text they’re employing. What makes this an unsuitable link?

  • It’s very clearly placed to serve the purpose of link building . It does not perform the stress test that we discussed earlier.
  • It’s linking to a commercial service-based page, rather than pages that provide information.
  • It’s actually the local page of one specific city in Canada this is even more problematic.
  • None of the ranking competitors on this page have backlinks

If you plan to establish hyperlinks to these websites, they should be a an branded link the majority of the time or at a minimum, it should have more significance to the particular site or service.

Example 2. Link for Web Design Company

I’ll repeat it that browsing through blog blogs on known link farms can be quite enjoyable. This is the ideal course of instruction to understand the proper way to conduct link construction. Here’s a different illustration of a web design firm that has a link to the blog:

The problem is that the company that they are connected to actually looks like they are doing some incredible work. They’ve got amazing Web design cases and they collaborate with large brands from around the globe.

But, they evidently don’t know how to perform link building either the task is being outsourced for poor supplier. What makes this an unsuitable link?

  • Anchor text that matches exactly to a page of service
  • Awful relevance
  • We do not allow it to pass our natural stress test.


The most important thing to remember here is that if an anchor text doesn’t feel natural for the person reading it (the person reading it) then it shouldn’t be in the first place. Most service-based websites or commercial sites don’t have exact match anchor text , unless it’s an unambiguous and valid suggestion.

What pages should I link to?

This is very much in line with our discussion on anchor text since it’s evident that some pages receive more links than other pages.

  • You can also link more strongly to informational and content pages.
  • You are able to and should create numerous links with your brand to your site, as long as they’re natural.
  • Avoid hyperlink aggressively to money pages, or service pages, or any other pages unless you have an enlightened and rational argument to do this.

Anchor Text Texts for Geo-located Locations

Context is crucial for anchors to fulfill its job and get the readers to where they need to be. It’s not unwise to mention the business or service address in the anchor text, or its surrounding area, but it should not be taken lightly. Most often it can be a challenge optimizing commercial sites whose purpose is local. If you are competing for higher SEO visibility in popular geographical areas like “lawyer New York” We often notice SEOs using keyword-rich anchor text to make their presence felt difficult. In analyzing competitors, you need to be very careful and be aware of the things we choose to reverse engineer, and what’s more important to avoid. Before making a direct reference to a specific location it is recommended that we:

  • Is the location relevant to the site that connects towards our users?
  • It is it a good idea to let people know the specific areas where they might be coming from around the world?
  • My competitors are making effective use of anchor text? Do they make sense?
  • Can this text anchor offer an experience that is unrivaled by readers?


Be on the safe edge when linking to geo-specific pages, and especially service-based pages. Although your competition may be taking a more aggressive strategy, you shouldn’t follow their path. They could be ranking highly due to the fact that their website has been in existence for a long time and Google has confidence in them.

Excellent Anchor Text Example Examples

We’ll finish with a few examples of anchor text that are effective and the way it’s used naturally in everyday situations. Like we said earlier, reading some of the top and most popular blogs in your field is a great method of recognizing the patterns that genuine webmasters and writers use to connect to other sites in a natural manner. Be sure to study the linking practices of well-known authors in your field. This will become your new reference point for thinking of anchor texts.

Example 1 credit card page at the bank of America

Three links appear natural and useful even though they are on commercial pages:

  • from (DR 75) – “If you do not have an Bank of America card then you’ll need to visit their website to start the process of applying. It will take only a few minutes to register and then be informed when you’ve been approved. 
  • The (DR 70) – “The card has a variety of other benefits and a varying welcome bonus, too. Check out Bank of America’s credit card page for more info.”
  • from (DR 991) From (DR 91) “The travel rewards card is the latest Bank of America co-branded credit card to disappear from the bank’s website, following the likes of the MLB(tm) Cash Rewards Mastercard(r), World Wildlife Fund Visa, and other co-branded cards that have been pulled in 2021.”

Example 2. how to make an investment in Bitcoin post on Nerdwallet

Three links that appear natural & helpful, despite going to an informational-commercial page:

  • from Yahoo News (DR 92) (DR 92) “Whether one should consider investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency depends on your financial circumstances. One rule of thumb to follow when dealing with alternatives investments such as this is to make sure they are just a tiny portion of your portfolio.”
  • From FutureLearn (DR 85) – “If you are looking to get an experience in the field of cryptocurrency, you might want to consider investing. The guides are available for free online (Investopedia, NerdWallet 99BitCoins and Investopedia to name just the few)
  • The Yahoo Finance (DR 92) – “Once you decide to take the plungeyou then have to decide whether to buy coins directly from an exchange like CoinDesk or Gemini.”

Example 3: Linking to Wise Agent which is a Real Estate CRM Software

Some examples of homepage links that aid to improve the Wise Agent homepage to rank top of the list for “real estate CRM”

  • from (DR 87) Listicle post 4. Wise AgentWise Agent Wise Agent-Wise Agent offers contact management and lead management and lead management, a Chrome extension as well as other features that help you track and improve the interactions you have with all of your customers.
  • from Smith.AI (DR 72)– “This robust CRM features advanced automation and transaction management tools, along with a central database for client information. Wise Agent makes it easy to create optimized landing pages, generate lead categories and contact assignments, and more.”

Example 4. Best Dogs Food page on DogFoodAdvisor

Links to affiliate websites that is ranked #1 for “best dog food in the world’s top search engine Google.

  • From IHeartdogs (DR 74)– “You can also research brands on for ratings, recall information, and nutritional content, and take that information with you to your vet.”
  • from (DR 80) – “On this list, we’ve put together the rest of’s top dog food list that didn’t make it in our initial article. All of these are highly recommended dog food items from experts, so you can shop with confidence.”
  • The (DR 46) – “There are a range of factors that mark out a good dog food. According to Dog Food Advisor, a good dog food should have:”

Common trends

The best links feel like they are natural to read and they enhance your enjoyment. In all the instances above, the author seamlessly integrates the link and, in the instances where the more specific anchor text is employed this actually enhances the reader’s comprehension.

In the end, you only should think about the optimization of anchor text in the event that you are currently creating links for your site. Should this be something you’ve made the decision to put your money into, you must be extremely vigilant about your plan. Contact us If you’d like to discuss how you’re using anchor texts in greater depth.


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