SEO Case study: From 0 to 1324 visitors per month for the car repurchase website


Judging by the first glance at this website, it may seem that it’s just a single landing page for which we have taken all of the top queries in 6 months from scratch.

Truth is, however, that there are a number of subpages that are a similar copy of this main page.

How it all happened

The client wished to rank on top for all questions related to car repurchase in the Czech Republic. To this end, we created a website and started promoting it.
In order to turn visitors into clients as efficiently as possible, we decided to create one landing page as a template.

At the same time, it allowed us to save money on website creation.
We have created the simplest possible page, the aim of which is to make a client out of its visitor.

To increase conversions, a “car price calculator” was created so that the potential client could request an approximate price calculation for their vehicle.

Our work on the website

To help with propagation, we’ve copied an already created landing page and changed the content for important keyword groups. We obtained external links for these separate pages as well as for the main one.
Also within the site itself we linked to the pages we needed, using the right keywords

Gradually, we’ve covered almost everything that was relevant to the client’s niche.

 For example:

  • Cities
  • Car brands
  • Car repurchase types
  • Car disposal
  • Cars for spare parts, etc.

Naturally, there are still plenty of queries (such as informational ones) that can be ranked higher or covered more thoroughly. But, as we mentioned at the beginning, the propagation lasted only for 6 months. It is simply not possible to achieve everything in such a short timespan.

We’ve also worked on featured snippets to make the site as visible as possible in search results:

Sitelinks even appeared displayed together with the site:

Backlinks and linkbuilding

The dynamic link acquisition plan is constantly being implemented.
The task was to dilute the list of anchor links using non-anchor links from forums and blogs. For the propagated sites, we have also provided stronger links using the necessary commercial anchors.

The best links were selected from the competition’s backlink profiles and the linkbuilders were given the task of obtaining these links. As a result, we have provided the client with a number of links from the same sites that link to the competition.

This screenshot from Ahrefs shows the rise of referring domains. The smooth growth dynamics definitely had a positive effect on the overall result.

The screenshot from Google Analytics showing the development of organic traffic further completes the whole picture.

This is what the keyword situation was like on Google.

And this is the distribution of site positions within our semantic core.

Organic traffic growth according to Ahrefs.

What was the situation regarding the position of keywords on the Seznam search engine?

This is what the distribution of page positions on Seznam looked like