Hair Transplant Clinic - increasing Monthly Page Traffic From 178 to 1923

How to get a website with minimal traffic and low search engine visibility into the spotlight and multiply the number of monthly visits over ten times over ten times? Read the following case study to reveal our SEO agency’s recipe for online success.

Our Client

Our client operates a private plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic, which offers a whole range of procedures. In order to give more online exposure to his hair transplant procedure in particular, he created a special website dedicated to it. However, this website brought him few visits and even fewer orders.

That is why the client hired us as SEO consultants to reverse this situation.

Our Plan For The Client’s Website

Right from the start, it was clear that it would be necessary to optimize and complete the landing pages for commercial inquiries first.

However, hair transplants are a topic extremely rich in informational inquiries; therefore, it would be a mistake not to reach a wider audience that wants to learn more about the issue.

When creating content, we therefore focused both on the commercial pages, and on creating blog articles informing about the topics of hair transplantation, hair loss and hair health in greater detail.

Usually, it is necessary to make the created content more visible with quality backlinks. Few SEO campaigns can therefore do without link building.That SEO depends on quality content and links is unsurprising. However, what type of content and links will the client’s website need?

And in which order will the works bring the best results? This can only be determined after developing an appropriate SEO strategic plan, on which the success of the entire campaign stands and falls.

For each phase, our agency has its own set of processes, called “sprints”. A project usually begins with a strategic sprint. This sprint will determine the direction for the following two sprints, namely the content and link sprint.

We introduced the client to the optimal procedure and recommended starting with a strategic sprint. After his approval, our work could begin.

The Course Of Optimization

Strategic Plan

Initial analysis

We usually start our work with a so-called strategic sprint, which lays the foundations for subsequent sprints.

The strategic sprint itself began with an analysis of the client’s website. We made sure there are no elements on the website preventing search engines from browsing the pages, analyzed the distribution of keywords on the pages and checked whether these pages have suitable content.

We also analyzed competitor websites to discover additional potential for improving the client’s website.

Correction of technical errors

As part of the initial analysis, we usually come across several technical shortcomings that the website has. Their correction was also part of this strategic sprint. This way, we were assured that they would not hinder our further work.

A proposal of further action

Thanks to the analysis, we got all the ‌data to propose a further work plan for creating content and backlinks. The client agreed with the proposed plan and left its implementation to us. Now nothing was stopping us from starting another one of our sprints.

Content Creation

Content analysis

We already did a basic content analysis during the strategic sprint. During our content sprint, however, we really focus on content in much greater detail. We examined the content on each page from different angles – how useful, informative or persuasive it is, whether it has the right format and what keywords it contains.

Keyword comparison

We compared the keywords on the client’s site with the keywords on the competitors’ sites. We discovered many words with interesting content potential that were missing on the client’s website until now.

Content creation plan

Thanks to previous keyword analysis, we have created a plan for creating additional content. This plan included detailed instructions on what type of content to write, what keywords to use, and in which sequence to create content for maximum effect.

Writing texts

In accordance with the plan, we then started creating the relevant texts. We focused not only on texts which were commercial in nature, but also on informational texts, covering inquiries across the marketing funnel.

We repeated the content sprint several more times to achieve maximum content coverage.

Link Building

Building backlinks

Quality backlinks are essential for effective site promotion. We identified several relevant, authority sites where links to the client’s pages could be placed. We have created a series of thematic articles containing the said links and negotiated their placement on these authority sites. This helped to increase the authority of the client’s website.

We’ve also divided the link building into multiple sprints for maximum results.

What Did It All Lead To?

The results of our SEO services was visible before long, and over time their effect grew ‌as you can see from the data below.

The client’s site finally fulfilled the purpose for which it was created – to generate orders thanks to increased site traffic and better visibility in search engines.

The development of organic traffic (taken from Ahrefs)

The resulting positions according to Collabim

Implementing the so-called rich snippets helped to increase the site’s visibility in search engines

Distribution of positions in Google for keywords from our semantic core

Distribution of positions in Seznam for keywords from our semantic core

Development of organic traffic according to Google Analytics

Year-on-year comparison of keyword positions in Google

Another proof of rich snippets helping to improve the site’s visibility in search engines

Screenshot of positions taken from Ahrefs