Breast Plastic Surgery Clinic - From 249 to 4410 Monthly Website Visits Thanks To Our SEO


Are you striving to increase site traffic? Or to promote your e-shop on the Internet? But investing in monthly SEO flat rates and long-term contracts with an often nebulous job description doesn’t sound too appealing?

In this specific example, we will introduce you to the way our SEO agency maximizes traffic and profits from the client’s website, using the so-called sprint method.

Our Client

The client runs a plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic. Among the most popular of the services he offers are plastic surgeries of breasts. In order to advertise this procedure on the Internet some more, he created a dedicated website for this very reason.

This website, however, did initially not live up to expectations. Consistently small numbers of visitors and orders finally made the client look for professional SEO services – and the choice fell on us.


Our Plan

The purpose of the client’s website was primarily to generate orders. Therefore, great care had to be taken in creating commercial landing pages, compelling the clients to order.

In reality, however, such sites are only the tip of the iceberg.

In order for them to bring maximum results, it is always necessary to reach out to potential customers who are just pondering the ‌issue, comparing, or finding out more details.

The work devoted to the creation of informational content about breast plastic surgery was almost as necessary as the work devoted to commercial landing pages.

To improve the visibility of the created content, it was also necessary to draft a strategy for building backlinks, which would help increase the authority of client sites.

For each step of the SEO campaign, we have a clearly defined procedure, the so-called sprint. Our three sprints – strategic, content and link – usually follow each other and each of them covers a sub-part of the campaign.

We presented our vision to the client and as a first step proposed to him a development of a strategic plan that will decide which tasks and in which order will be needed. With his approval, we then got to work.


How Did We Proceed

Preparing the Strategy

Preliminary analysis

Our SEO usually starts with a strategic sprint, which starts with an initial analysis. During this analysis, we examined the technical condition of the client’s website, looked at which keywords can be found on the pages, and whether these pages contain appropriately chosen content. We also made a comparison with the more successful competitor sites and thus found several missed opportunities for the client’s site.

Technical modifications

There were also several minor technical errors on the client’s website that could be fixed very easily, increasing the chances of better search engine ranking with minimal effort.

User experience improvements

We have changed the site so that it offers the best possible user experience both visually and in terms of structure and sequence of information. We’ve made it faster to load and more attractive to reduce bounce rates.

Further plans

The initial analysis provided us with the data needed to draft the plan of further SEO tasks, aimed at content and link creation.

Such plans can give our clients all the ‌guidance to ‌do the individual jobs themselves, if they prefer.

Here, however, the client left the implementation of the plan to us. We could therefore follow up with another sprint, this time aimed at content creation.

Content Creation

Content analysis

This time we really put the content under scrutiny. As part of the content analysis, we weigh every word and find out to what extent the content of the page fulfills its task. Is it understandable? Readable? Convincing? Does it have the correct format? What keywords does it contain?

Keyword “gaps”

We also analyzed the keywords on the client’s website and compared them with keywords on the competitors’ websites. We discovered several words and phrases that were missing from the client’s website and could be capitalized on.

Content creation schedule

We’ve designed a content creation calendar, ranking tasks according to their importance. For each task, we specified what type of content to create for which page, what format to choose and what keywords should it contain. In some places it was enough to simply edit existing texts, in others it was necessary to create completely new content.

This plan also provides our clients with a detailed guide to create the content themselves. This time though, the client left the content creation to us.

Creating content for the site

Under the plan, we set about creating suitable content. This included both the commercial texts for service pages and the informational texts for the blog, answering frequently asked questions related to the topic. The goal was to accost potential clients across the entire marketing funnel.

We repeated the content sprint several times in order to cover all the keywords worth targeting.

Creating Backlinks

Singling out, reaching out, getting it done

In order to make the content reach its target audience, it is also important to ensure enough backlinks leading to the respective pages. Our efforts are therefore crowned by the so-called link sprint. In it, we single out suitable websites with high authority where the link to the client’s website could be placed.

Links are usually inserted into thematic articles. The price of the link sprint includes both writing these articles and negotiating their placement with the owners of the respective websites.

We also repeated the link sprint several times to create a balanced link profile for the client’s website.

What About The Results?

We’ll let the data and charts below speak for themselves. In short – the client’s website finally stayed true to its original task. Its traffic rose continuously and with it came an increased number of orders. Our SEO sprints brought about the desired results.

The gradual development of organic traffic (data from Ahrefs)
The positions achieved for targeted keywords (data from Collabim)
Breast Plastic Surgery Clinic - From 249 to 4410 Monthly Website Visits Thanks To Our SEO image 3
By adding the structured data, we’ve helped the web achieve greater visibility in search results
The share of positions in Google among the semantic core keywords
The share of positions in Seznam among the semantic core keywords
Development of organic traffic (data from Google Analytics)
Year-on-year comparison of keyword positions
Positions screenshot (data from Ahrefs)
The growth of referring domains (data from Ahrefs)